Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Letter to Judge Mann of One Essex Court fraud and Cliff Richard trial(!)

Wednesday 18th April 2018
Judge Mann
High Court
Rolls Building

Dear Judge Mann

I wanted to write to you and the Parliament's Justice Committee (Commons and Lords) and the APPG on white collar crime.

I was astonished to see that you are currently the judge in the Cliff Richard case with South Yorkshire police and the BBC coordinating to raid his home.

And in the new and lavish High Court business building as above.

No doubt the case will drag on at great cost to him and the public purse.

You will probably remember jailing me in July 2008 in the Integrity trademark case - merely for contempt of court in refusing to pay the fake and fraudulent fees provided to you - and other judges - by Guy Hollingworth of One Essex Court and Steve Palmer of Palmer Biggs lawyers.

You can imagine what I think of them - and perhaps worse, you - for allowing such blatant fraud and legal twaddle.

And you were, slightly, one of the more competent judges involved.

Count them:

1. You, towards the end of the case

2. Judge Blackburne - The Wee Gray Scot. An oaf with porridge on his chin.

3. Judge Lindsay - insistent on a detailed assessment of the costs but failing to do it - and as you may recall citing the peculiar view that it wasn't his role as a judge to judge if the costs provided to him in the court session he was judging were fraudulent or not

4. A scheduling judge for one session whose name I forget but who literally blanched and gasped on being provided the cost bundles, and then refused to touch them, no doubt for fear of fingerprints

5. Judge Peter Smith sadly now sacked for his rather bizarre arrest call for the CEO of British Airways trial, after BA lost his suitcase and selfie stick. I remember being in the High Court prison cell and chatting to the staff tutting at another judge being idiotic and excessive.

Smith though was actually by far one of the most competent judges and was if not horrified then concerned at the costs and shenanigans.

His japes with inserting the Da Vinci code and Jacky Fisher naval policy into his court orders was rather jolly. I know. You couldn't make it up.

His clerk - or it may have been your clerk - was horrified at the Glick QC role though. Glick (him a QC too, and his complaints silent stand-in Leavor a QC and Deputy Judge) confirming the bundles were definitely not duplicates through the One Essex Court complaints process.

Then confirming they were. They are. You remember.

Palmer on the witness stand though questioned by Hollingworth his own barrister(!) denied they were duplicates. Leading his witness, and client, for a fall until you hastily jumped in.

Don't do it Hollingworth, you crafty so and so! And you managed to hide Palmer's invoices with VAT!

But Judge Mann you'll recall after repeatedly denying the duplicate costs etc Hollingworth confirmed they were duplicates. In High Court to a High Court judge. You.

Just read that again.

After denying any duplicate costs in High Court, and the One Essex Court complaints process, repeatedly, both verbally and in writing, over several weeks, Hollingworth then confirmed the documents costs were duplicates. And with different prices.

No wonder that judge blanched and the clerk was astonished to the point of anger.

Why was Hollingworth not handcuffed and led to the cells? Perjury. Misleading the court . Professional misconduct. Perverting the course of justice. Fraud etc etc. Whole law books have been written on it.
Imagine if the local butcher or baker did that in High Court.

6. Judge xxxxx - The Teacups Judge. An appalling scoundrel, thoroughly unpleasant and stupid, with a strange taste in China teacups. Somebody has to collect them I suppose, who on reviewing the bundles announced from nowhere "you'll never get Glick", gathered up his robes, adjusted his wig and swept off behind his screen. Eh? What?

He shouldn't even be sweeping the streets.

Truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. (Unless it involves Glick) seems his view.

I didn't like him at all.

You may recall the fraudulent bundles being the mechanism to boost Palmer and Hollingworth's costs. (I've photocopied this letter 78 times and sent you several different invoices even though you haven't asked for them. Just kidding. Who'd be daft enough to do that and scamper into High Court for a court order).

They were merely running the bumf through the photocopier twice (actually three times but let's not quibble) and changing my company name to my name as well on the same cover letter. And then adding my house to the claim to ensure payment of their costs.

Clever, in its inane stupidity. Essentially a boiler room scam though.

You will recall having private sessions, without notice to me, with both Hollingworth and Palmer which seems astonishing. And a recipe for corruption given the appalling Londonski reputation of London and the High Court and lawyers and accountants for white collar crime and Russian oligarchs.

The Magnitsky case of a Russian police sergeant somehow clogging up the London high court is very peculiar. And that after various Russian court orders in courts from Moscow to almost Vladivostock to seize Bill Browder's company from Magnitsky his lawyer/accountant.

You couldn't make it up. Imagine if that happened in the UK courts.

Although One Essex Court as Britain's best corrupt barristers have been giving it a try.

Cliff Richard must have to battle his way through crowds of Russian oligarchs to get to your sessions each day.

My favourite law incident was a lawyer who contacted me with the sad case of the waiter who'd fallen into the large waste bin outside my wife's restaurant. Excruciating back pain, pay us or else, and so on. Strange as to how the little fella managed to climb up and fall into a skip. It's possible though.

But stranger too that only ever employed waitresses.

It took about 3 months and the former MP kindly stepping in before the little shyster lawyer and his little client disappeared. We still don't know if the waiter actually existed or it was just a bit of lawyer income generation. True story.

I digress because you won't know what happened after you jailed me.

Judge Kitchin (judge #7 - count 'em) released me after 6 weeks not the full 6 months after being contacted by the prison staff (both prisons) and celebrity lawyer Giovanni di Stefano who were horrified at my being jailed and, unasked, stepped in to help.

All of them citing how often they saw incompetent judges filling up the prisons.

UK the most prisoners in Europe.

Pay your TV licence or Judge Mann will get you and jail you! He will!

Perhaps echoes of the Windrush Jamaican deportee, living legally in UK for 50 years, who cited two detention centres stuffed with Jamaica-bound people, and being released (twice) only on paying to cancel(!) the deportation flight he hadn't booked.

You couldn't make that up either. Nor that he was told by the Home Office to act Jamaican(!) when he arrived in Kingstown. Ask Cliff Richard for a quick warble of the Mike Read UKIP calypso.

But the lawyers and costs orders for my outrageous crimes all drifted away.


(to be continued)

Time for Change

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

From Russia with Lavrov

With Russia-UK and EU relations at an all-time low since 1989 – or at least the Kosovo conflict and Pristina Airport Sprint - with a KGB kill-squad offing upto 14 Russian dissidents in UK.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov even citing East Kent's 007 as a Licence to Kill in the issue.

And now yet more chemical strikes by Assad in Syria and further UN and USA retaliation as per the 59 cruise missile strikes last year.

And Putin, a former KGB officer in East Berlin, sanctioning the assassinations what now for Sergei Lavrov the Talleyrand of Russia?

A 77% majority for Putin’s last election - but without Navalny and even then candidates such as Titov and Sobchak – relative of Putin’s St Petersburg Mayor when Putin was Deputy Mayor and 23% of votes for them.

The Magnitsky crimes also in London High Court trials in what’s become Londonski after Londonistan for Russian dirty money. A Russian police captaint holding a libel trial in London;s High Court? Happens every day.

Corrupt barristers such as Lord/Judge Grabiner’s One Essex Court the go-to legal fraudsters to hide the funds from Russia’s fossil fuel industries and fossilised state industries.

Those industries in a tailspin if not terminal decline over the next decade.

Here in East Kent something of a Cold War relic too: a Russian submarine rusting in Chatham as so much junk and now a tourist attraction. Similarly Cold War bunkers used as data centres. Even Soviet Army maps for an invasion of UK with Russian phonetics: Margit for Margate and so on. And possibly a nuclear weapon in the Channel Tunnel to wash away any invading Soviet army.

Even Admiral Kuznetsov wheezing through the Channel just a few minutes from a surprise nuke strike on London or Gravesend:

At the very least the Kent Police window cleaning division needed to clean the soot from Kent’s windows - as with so much of the excessive air pollution from Climate Change shipping off Dover the world’s busiest sea route and Europe’s busiest port.

SS Richard Montgomery a WW2 lend-lease and munitions shipwreck. And thousands of unexploded munitions scattered across Kent from the Luftwaffe and V1 and V2 rockets.

Those sites probably more dangerous than Kuzenetsov or Spetnaz little green men (no badges on their uniform a cunning plan not seen since the Skorzeny Nazis shot as spies in the Battle of the Bulge in the Great Patriotic War) parachuting in to help with the apple-picking harvest, and cherry-picking of a hot-air Brexit.

Nukes on Kiev rather than Kansas might be viable for USA but hardly viable for Russia or the rest of Europe.

And Afghan heroin up 87% to the highest ever increase(!) is a problem for the streets of Moscow as well as London, as is the flow of cocaine into USA, and Mediterranean ports such as Palermo and Naples.

Russian fears of invasion and encirclement understandable after 1812, 1853, 1914, 1920 and 1941 and 20M dead in the Great Patriotic War. Russian troops in Berlin or Paris again as unlikely as German or American troops in Moscow.

Even Germany now ending conscription and upgrading its panzer and submarine spare parts.

Indeed iss the KGB already running the MOD apart from the bloat of the military-industrial complex? Royal Marines commandos going commando with neither underpants nor guns in the Caribbean Resilience of hurricanes last year. If it goes badly again can we borrow some Spetznaz or US Coastguards?

All 6 type 45 frigates with broken engines just so much junk as Kutsenov. 1,000 Boxer armoured cars – can they be parked on the Kremlin’s lawn as there’s nowhere to park them or use them in UK.

Even the Boris water cannons up on bricks in Kent – could you keep Britain’s silliest-ever Foreign Secretary in Moscow? We’ll pay.

Beyond oil and gas where are the Russian growth industries with UK and EU: Space and Sports certainly. Where are the Trump Davos 15 Friends of Russia? A Tomsk Ten to kickstart a reversal of decline?

No Spartak football exchanges taking off their Adidas tracksuits (Davos#3) limbering up on the sidelines with the Arsenal of democracy Sports Diplomacy programmes?

And 900k troops sat in barracks in Kaliningrad or other 1945 remnants such as TransDniestra or Kuriles. Against who? 5,000 or so UK and NATO troops in the Baltic states and 30k US Army Europe troops - both a tripwire rather than an invasion force.

And with Nukes now banned under UN law who will be manufacturing or deploying or even using them now?

Rather than spying on UK allies such as Estonia shouldn’t a UK-Russia alliance with Estonia’s excellent digital and e-governance systems be a step beyond cyberwar. Wiping out NHS digital hospital records as dangerous as switching off the electricity power stations or air traffic controls – the Manston-Infratil crimes and Ostend gunrunning with Viktor Bout an indication of that.

And Central Asian dictatorships or Belarus not much of a testament to Russian influence or growing democracy.
A Wider EU likely with almost all of Russia' population on the European side of the Volga. Just 8M across the steppes in the Russian Far East.

But with my Sincerity Advertising hat on, instead of Putin’s FSB-KGB games though where are the Trade Development officials for the New Russia of the 21st century?

The next Russian World Cup after 2018 or Olympics? The overhaul of Aeroflot begun with Manchester United sponsorship and all those rusty Ilyushins and Tupo9levs wheezing over Kent skies – and Russian planes the only plane crash in 2017.

Bolshoi and Red Army choir a great advertisement of Russia – Sergei could squeeze into his tutu and channel his inner Billy Eliot to fastforward the Bolshoi in Kent and UK with the retirement last week of Europe’s premier ballerina Marie-Agnes Gillot in Paris.

Even have his prostate checked on the NHS – both UK and Russia struggling with cancer cures. And London the TB capital of Europe as with Russian and East European regular TB outbreaks. As dangerous as a Polonium sandwich.
And tourism plans for cruise ships rather than cruise missiles into Kaliningrad or St Petersburg or the Arctic wilderness in Murmansk must also be more relevant for the Russia of the 21st century.

Russian generals knowledge and learnings from Afghanistan or Tashkent peace talks with the Taliban or Central Asia development alongside Kazakh despot Nazarbayev – clinging on like Kent’s geriatric politicians as dog in a manger politics replace any ideology or competence.

Only the sound of the gurgling of the brain drain. Lithuania just one Baltic state with 12% of its population now in UK seeking a better future.

And Putin with Assad and Kim Jong un the only leaders to approve chemical attacks in the 21st century – extraordinarily foolish and dangerous not just in terms of ICC war crimes trials but sarin-style attacks on the Moscow or London or Paris underground.

And Putin’s invasions of Georgia and Crimea and Donetsk something more than border-nibbling as detailed by dynamic UK Ambassador in Jamaica Asif Ahamad:

Let’s hope there are a few more Trump Towers in Rostov or Riyadh rather than more nuclear missile factories.

As the diplomatic expulsions – as with the latest sanctions the bright lights of London and Paris and Berlin and Rome being denied to many Russians even the bright lights of Minsk and Belarus pivots towards EU reforms and eventual membership.

And as the World Cup plays out over the next few months surely a reset of UK-Russia relations is needed.
Certainly UK and Russia not implacable enemies: Margate here in East Kent twinned with Crimea previously.

The bright lights of Margate and Ramsgate getting brighter than ever with a new Tracy Emin arts studio and neon lights display at St Pancras: I Want My Time With You to celebrate Britain in Europe.

While the shame of only Russia awarding Murmansk medals for those UK sailors that helped keep the Russian front open in the Great Patriotic War with Canadian wheat and American jeeps reflects on the MOD shambles.

Kentski could be something of a Kent Soviet in the Kent Big Apple.

A few simple reforms seem likely:

* a clear road map for Russia joining EU and expanding Partnership for Peace into NATO – all those troops sat in barracks an unproductive drain on the Russian economy it can hardly afford
* Arctic Sea Routes ban in UK and EU ports: merely a pollution risk and waste given OBOR China’s New Silk Route from Shanghai to St Petersburg
* TranSiberia road and rail upgrade - and Bering Strait tunnel/bridge: Vladivostok to Vancouver and onto New York with dry feet
•Surely as with the Franco-German peacekeeping division in Strasbourg a Russia-NATO division is needed.
* TB vaccine production expanded - for Russia, and London as the TB capital of Europe
* A greater d├ętente rather than mini-Cold War with nuclear disarmament: 6,000 weapons each for Russia and USA mere waste – and a paper tiger with the Chernobyl dustcloud showing the radioactive dangers of use in Europe
* EU nuclear power stations closure and cleanup for renewables – a radioactive accident danger and excessive cost as with technical problems at Hinkley and Flamanville: Finland’s Olkiluto surely the last nuclear power station built in Europe. Nokia expansion (Davos6) into Smart Cities (St Petersburg after Chattanooga and Ramsgate?) a better use of Finnish tax roubles
* Syria and Libya civil wars drawing to a close: Russia’s Reconstruction Plan beyond just more bombing and the other half of the Syrian population leaving? A Six Companies approach with USA?
* Saudi Prince MBS and NEOM a forerunner of a Middle East development of peace and prosperity?
Kaliningrad? Brest-Litovsk? Sevastopol? and why not Russian peackeeping troops in the carnage of DRC Congo?
* End of Baltic and Black Sea fleet for robo-gunboats and submarines – those retired sailors put to use in the Atlantic and Pacific plastic patches rather than sitting around in bars drinking vodka
* Russia fuel companies and both NEOM and Desertec North Africa solar industries – the trumpDaovs15friedns such as Norway’s Statoil already branding as Equinor for the renewables age as with UK;s BP going Beyond Petroleum for a decade now?

Russia's foreign policy is looking like a Lada rather than an Aston Martin and surely Sergei has a Licence to chill with a thaw in UK and EU relations from Moscow to Margate.

Time for Change

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Trump #4: Davos Friends - Krupp

Thuyssen Krupp last but not least of the #TrumpDavos15Friends. And perhaps all the more relevant against the backdrop of USA steel tariffs for UK and EU. And as UK furnaces roar back into life at Rotherham steelworks - opened last month by Prince Charles - then Germany's Krupp (#Davos15) is the bedrock of a Foundation Industry across Europe.

Indeed Krupp one of the inventors of the European steel industry that galvanized the Industrial Revolution with everything from steam engines then to VW cars now.
As well as Henry Ford’s cars in Dagenham and Port Talbot now.

Even that rusty-looking Marine One helicopter used to transport POTUS Trump around Switzerland and Florida looks in need of galvanising. Let's hope the only bits that fall out of it are aid pallets across the Sahel from Sudan to Senegal, as UK opens its first embassy in Chad.

USA and French troops carrying the load in stabilisation across Mali and Niger. And the astonishing failure in the continued carnage in Libya on the shores of the Mediterranean just a few miles from mainland Europe.

And, as with Rolls Royce and Rotherham steel - just down the road from the new Boeing HQ in Sheffield - a focus on specialist hi-tech steels is what UK and Germany do extremely well that Chinese SOE volume steel dumping simply can't yet match.

With my Sincerity Advertising hat on I've never understood why all 50 states aren't viable for ad agencies.

Although surely the dynamic Eve Li at EastWestClub is urging more Chinese steel deployed in constructing more shipping containers for China’s expanding OBOR trade. Those Chinese computers and mobile phones and vaccines needing to be wrapped in steel boxes, not silk, no matter how crush-proof as they head through Russia and Europe via xxx dryport in Kazakhstan.

Those SAP (#Davos7) or Siemens (#Davos1) conductors wouldn't work so well in Volvo (#Davos6) driverless cars either. That all the more important given the first road death from Uber car trials in Arizona and with UK already a world leader in driverless cars.

And there’s less chance of the cars running off the road if the sensors are in the road in the first place. UK leading the way from 1930’s with cats-eyes road safety.

While Heinz in East Lancashire might need to compete with Nestle (#Davos4) or Campbell's for metal cans for its soup and snacks - or at least with ABB (Davos9) for its robot materials. Those Ford cars in Wales or Essex (and Nissan, Honda and Toyota too) might build themselves soon but they'll need the steel to do it.

Even Copart car recycling from Dallas, Texas here in East Kent.

While Jeep no doubt bashing more metal together from their UK sponsorship and advertising at the moment for Kent’s Rolling Stones and their new No Filter tour.

The UK does have a plan to cope with the rise in robotics and fall in jobs and disposable income? It does?

While the delay in bringing the UK's wonder material graphene online with actual products (just one Taiwanese lightbulb from the lavish new Graphene Institute after all these years?) is something Krupp engineers might take on board to develop as the future of steel.

Krupp also a shining light in healthcare with one of the first employee healthcare schemes almost 200 years ago. And its Essen base giving most companies a run for their money with a Garden City fashioned from the Zollverein coalworks.

A real Garden City too - UNESCO World Heritage and European Industrial Trail - not a bit of builder's flannel for more tarmac that seems to form the basis of UK overbuild housing forecasts. And worth scrutinising Ebbsfleet Garden City as a part of the Thames Gateway in Kent, Europe's largest building project to extend the City of London, with Paramount theme park as a cornerstone.

Or should that be Disney theme park or Busch Gardens?

Trees still an afterthought to tarmac rather than central - as Sheffield Council are proving in destroying its leafy habitat that belies its steel origins. Krupp and Essen would have fixed the problem by now.

Irn Bru may be made in Scotland with girders but the real thing from Krupp – girders not fizzy drinks - with HSBC (Davos3) financing - will be needed to support Thames Gateway too.

All 15 companies of the #TrumpDavos15Friends should be helping make the economies of America and UK and Europe greater again.

Rocket Man in North Korea must also be rethinking a rocket-fuelled nuclear strategy (Korean reunification and reconstruction, as with East Germany, no doubt soaking up all that Chinese steel and more).

With the Chinese Tiangong1 space station crashing to Earth or rather just 62 miles off Tahiti – a very near miss - and only the first space junk probe last week from UK with NASA to begin to clear up 60 years of space debris, surely a definitive global space plan is needed.

Then the rocket men of NASA and UK and European and new Australian Space Agencies – and Russia, India, Japan and China -must be thinking how Krupp can really reinforce Mars 2030 satellite needs and Space exploration.

Time for Change

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Tick Tock for Uncle Tu in Thailand and UK?

With the clocks going forward in UK for the start of Spring (this note being written on Maundy Thursday as the Queen distributes money for Easter a sort of medieval Basic National Income prior to the robotics surge of TrumpDavos15Friends as ABB that will cause tremors across Asia as well as USA and Europe) the clocks are ticking in Thailand too.

Not just the kerfuffle over Deputy PM Prawit and his 22 or 25 watches borrowed from a friend who subsequently died. It could happen. The wall murals of a clockface highlighting public concerns though for Uncle Tu and his old army buddy. If not the writing on the wall then a picture.

As a keen watch fan (Breitling seeing as you ask, my concern, despite the increasingly bizarre John Travolta ads, is as much the awful naffness of Richard Mille watches on the Deputy PM's wrist. As bizarre as PM May’s leather trews fashion shoot. And watches for $1M each? Surely the kind of fashion faux pas and own goal that Victoria Beckham would steer David Beckham away from as he concentrates on the timing of his Miami football team launch. And a Thailand tour?).
PM Prayut is now moving more rapidly to elections later this year/early next year to end military rule and return Thailand to democracy. A June 2018 election procedure deadline now announced.

Uncle Tu can rightly take pleasure and plaudits in returning happiness to the Thai people. An Eisenhower figure moving from army uniform to suit rather than a MacArthuresque general of the heavy-handed military rule of Truman's Japan and Korea occupations.

A distinction that can be lost in translation in UK and Europe and Asia.

And forgotten within Thailand.

That all the more important with the Bangkok Governor elections in March definitely lost in translation in UK and Europe after the death of Khun Surin Pitsuwan.
While the new civil service expeditions into the provinces do seem a rather unfair advantage over the mainstream parties that sill have no definite plans and preparations for elections.

That all too familiar though in UK with the farce of Brexit continuing apace with a national tour (in just a day) by PM May one year after the triggering of Brexit article 50 and with just one year to go.

And East Kent now officially in Special Measures and collapse of governance with Westminster and Whitehall now imposing a Local Plan out of the Manston-Infratil crimes. An S44 writ small.

PM Prayut's selfie cardboard cutouts - was one of them a Harley or a Triumph? - seem a bit of fun compared to the flimsy Brexit negotiations that haven't achieved anything other than pricey Airmiles for someone pulling out a calendar and agreeing an extension of nothing much through until January 2021.
Perhaps Uncle Tu could offer some wise advice to UK - as Eire and Japan and Belgium and Australia and EU have done - while crafting a song to herald the start of Thailand's election process?

Clearly opening the jail doors on dissidents and lesemajeste trials need firm and wise guidance in Thailand for the future. Even the Thai (and ASEAN) death penalty that despite being in abeyance has unfortunately infected UK policing views on the Koh Tao murder cases.

But both David Davis the Brexit Minister and Boris Johnson the Foreign Minister have proved to be paper-thin on any substance of what Brexit actually means.
And with UK and EU goodwill to Thailand demonstrated through the EU waiver on sanctions and crucial illegal fishing rights, the clock is ticking on Uncle Tu signing off the t's and c's on Thailand's election.

Is it returning happiness to the people with a June 2018 process commencement, and an election in January 2019?

Certainly PM Prayut has strong support in having implemented very light touch military rule - that all the more notable given China's move into dictatorship with President Xi's overturning of the Chinese constitution terms without any national security issues. And with the positive handover of the Thai monarchy from King Bhumibol's sad death.

An issue that UK will face in the next few years with Queen Elizabeth taking over King Bhumibol's title as now the longest serving monarch in the world.
And the Commonwealth to the fore at the moment not just with the Summit next month in Australia but Prince Charles taking on the leadership role ahead of future elections.

Archbishop Welby of the Church of England - and Commonwealth churches and the Prince Harry wedding to American princess Meghan Markle in a few weeks - no doubt keen to see the many Christian churches and congregations of Thailand as well as the Buddhist temples, after hosting his Easter Week events in East Kent even Ramsgate’s Wetherspoons megapub.

Bishop Trevor Wilmott quietly urging a Buddhist temple in Ramsgate in his previous Easter speech form Cnaterbury Cathedral and The Trevors faith scholarships. Canterbury Cathedral the home of the oldest Christian Bibles surely ripe for exchanges and exhibitions with Thailand of Buddhist manuscripts? Much as Ramsgate and Dutch Van Gogh Museums exchanges should be viable.

Ramsgate yacht club - second only to Cowes in the UK sailing calendar - supporting a Dunkirk Little Ships -style festival each year and the Volvo (TrumpDavos15friends) Ocean race.

Phuket too?

(to be continued)

Time for Change

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Trump #3: More Davos15Friends

Beyond Finland's snow and Nokia, and the Birmingham DFID landmine exhibition, UK Trade Envoy to Bangladesh Rushanara Ali MP must be keen to develop support for the refugee camps on the Myanmar border, as well as longer-term rail upgrades through to India.

The ASEAN Rail project for example now linking Thailand and Cambodia through to Battambang - and now the more difficult phase between Phnom Penh and HCMC that was delayed by WW1 and WW2 and the Khmer Rouge- has at long last almost every Asian capital connected to rail.

That's a lot of Indian and Thai rice that can be moved more easily into and through Bangladesh and Myanmar. And the Bangladeshi restaurants and cuisines that comprise most of UK’s Indian restaurants.

And the South Asian diaspora of c.50%#### of UK immigrants beyond restaurant kitchens to the NHS operating rooms and GP waiting rooms.

While Brand USA tourism aims on India tourism could be served up faster and more easily with UK and India and Bangladesh efforts through the Commonwealth.
And specifically with both the India and Bangladeshi diasporas in UK – Babita Sharma of BBC World on the corner shop with over 90% within the M25 owned by Asians.

UK and USA tourism with India could easily be phased beyond peak season and the main sites through coordinated effort - with UK Consuls in Hyderabad for example. And why shouldn't UK and USA coordinate on Indian study programmes in their main universities?

Not every Indian student would want to go to UK or USA and nor could every university accommodate them. But sensible planning could ensure more quality educations for South Asian students.

And with at least three Indian CEO's in the #TrumpDavos15Friends surely those brands would be pushing for greater coordination and activity too.

With my Surin Village School Charity hat on, the growth in schools is required in Africa and India - still over 60M kids and 10% of UNMDG - rather than just ASEAN. And a Surin School at just $30,000 each must raise questions over how the $20BN each in UK and USA aid is being spent beyond the wine bars of London and New York, or Geneva and Brussels?

While Nokia and Microsoft or Panasonic would be ideal for an Innovation Centre and exhibitions and conferences. Nokia Mobile World at the Margate Winter Gardens? Geek Week already a fun stalwart of the East Kent festival calendar and harbinger of Manga Town with computer games etc.

#Maybe those Kent and Thai orchids or Hello Kitty handkerchiefs and Isaan silk socks could become a part of Kent Police uniform. Certainly the Kent Police Innovation Fund developing on crime prevention with the futuristic Las Vegas Minority report-style work of Deputy Chief Brandon.

Novartis (Davos#14) though could even hand out some smoking patches In India as well as for Kent's 16% tobacco-stained youth. How bizarre of KCC's elderly councillors to insist on investing police and nurse pensions in tobacco (and fossil fuels) whilst being responsible for public health. You just couldn’t make it up could you?

Surely Deloitte (Davos#8) or HSBC (Davos#9) could review those funds?

And Arnold Schwarzenegger, London's best body builder, arm-wrestling POTUS Trump in an intra-republican bit of rivalry would be a pay-to-view sports event worth watching sponsored by Adidas (Davos#3) or not. At Margate Winter Gardens or not. And helicoptered in by Boeing or not.

But surely the Austrian Oak's Arnold Sports has long been neglected in Europe - a Nokia broadcast and NFL feature initially?

While the 2020 Golf Masters in East Kent is teeing up for Thailand's Tiger Woods et al with upgraded hi-speed rail links already. Sandwiches being prepared in Sandwich - home of Tom Paine - as we speak, and Nestle KitKats being ordered. There's only two years to go.

Surely the Davos 15 could each take a hole or two in sponsorship? Keen golfer POTUS Trump is going to turn up to kick off Kent's world class golf courses beyond just Scotland and Florida? Even a round of Crazy golf at Broadstairs Lilliput range – the windmill, the pyramid with the hole on top and so on.

And Nestle bottled water a key strategic interest of former CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and in need of replenishment for the nineteenth hole as well as UNSDG30.

And as the Libya and Syria and Yemen civil wars draw to a close, those Boeing cargo planes and helicopters need filling with something more useful than cluster bombs. Nestle bottled water such as Pure Life and Maggi Noodles and SMA baby foods? Even a few bars of Unilever's Lifebuoy soap or Lucky Iron Fish?
Certainly the next UN Water Forum in Hungary in 2019 and ideal place to compare notes and successful case studies.

Novartis though a giant of smoking cessation. Along with UK as one of the world's leading nations in reducing smoking over the decades. And clearly with 5M global deaths from tobacco still a growth market.

But UK faltering in its smoking cessation work: just 3% of Norwegian under 24's smoking compared to 16% in UK. Whether they work at Statoil or not. That's a lot of Nicorette patches needed that even Novartis would struggle in producing without say Bayer and Johnson and Johnson support. A nicotine patch and stop smoking leaflet, alongside Bayer aspirin in that J&J Resilience Box perhaps not such an outrageous idea?

It would be the work of moments for HSBC and Deloitte to stub out their cigarettes and vapes, and crunch the numbers on the savings to the health service and economy in longer and healthier lives.

And DHL might need a bigger plane to deliver nicotine patches and vaccines to Africa. While 30,000 deaths from Rabies in India each year must be absurd in the 21st century.

And the new Boeing factory in Sheffield surely working with Airbus in Toulouse - the Coke and Pepsi of aircraft manufacturing - on the next generation of less polluting and circular economy aircraft. Climate Change Resilience requiring more cargo planes and cargo helicopters rather than F35 jets and gunships.

John McCain's Arizona backyard can't continue to be littered with rusting aircraft in need of recycling? Chilean recycling and steel and Argentine rail (Siemens already) through to Germany and VW from Arizona would be the circular economy in perfect flow.

Africa in need of those UNSDG30 vaccines urgently especially with every airline on the EU banned list from Africa. And with air links more viable into Europe than between African nations. While the latest POTUS Trump speech at Miramar (San Diego again) last week highlighting the need for USMC equipment spare parts and repairs. And Marine One looks fairly rusty to me - hopefully USCG have better SAR and medevac Caribbean Resilience kit.

The June-to-November Caribbean hurricane season almost upon us again and BBCTV Beyond 100 Days this week detailing Puerto Rico's 3M population still without power after 6 months and official mortality figures underplayed by a factor of x20.

If USA can't protect Puerto Rico after a disaster, surely the Caribbean Commonwealth must be even more nervous about the Royal Navy efforts again. Don't send in the Royal Marines?

Siemens or ABB or SAP must be able to produce a few hundred thousand solar panels and generators in their new factories? While the Heinz factories of Preston and Chorley could turn out stockpiles of tins of beans? Maybe just a supply of extra saucepans though rather than Toshiba microwaves.

And, through the Panama Canal, Manila's Karen Jimeno Infrastructure Minister, quietly pulling together both a Philippines Resilience Plan with Japan and measures to preserve Boracay Beach from the blight of over-tourism.

But no wonder POTUS Trump flies to Florida with USA's rapidly crumbling infrastructure demonstrated in the horrific bridge collapse and Amtrak rail crashes.

And New York Times Climate Change reporter Hiroko Tabuchi highlighting in a series of articles from Nashville and NYC the lack of pedestrian and cycling routes and joined-up public transport that AI and driverless cars could deliver on.

The National Governors Association and Association of Mayors clamouring for concrete investment beyond the #TrumpDavos15Friends already?

Flyover country long a flyspeck on Washington's windshield, beyond mere boondoggle projects and earmarks, that the #TrumpDavos15 could help reverse.

Time for Change

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Trump and Davos15Friends #2

Skating over Total Oil (Davos#7) and their Myanmar war crimes woes, to detail more of the #DavosTrump15Friends form article #1, a DFID fair last week in Birmingham - UK, not Alabama - highlighted MAG's excellent landmine clearance work from Laos and Cambodia - surely relevant in clearing the minefields of Egypt and Libya and Tunisia from WW2 by EU and USA, especially UK and Germany and Italy.

That regardless of the spur of a Morocco World Cup in 2026, or Desertec, and Neom activity to the North African and Arabian economies.

Prince MBS this week visiting USA after UK to detail his excellent Vision 2030 activity.

2018 is already for example the Year of Engineering with the Proud Sappers of the Royal Engineers active beyond Kent in reconstructing Sudan and placing it on the road to peace and prosperity.

Even the reconstruction of Libya is already overdue (Europe's Mediterranean shores in flames and thousands of drowned refugees a sorry indictment of 2017 as the Year of the Royal Navy and NATO all at sea).

The flattening of Iraq and Afghanistan suggests no Reconstruction Strategy at all even for Syria and Yemen once everything has been bombed to pieces.

The fragile peace in Sudan and Somalia highlighting the need for increased transport and trade to concrete in peace and prosperity across the Sahel.

UK's Johnny Appleseed strategy begun by Environment Minister Michael Gove wisely heeding Green Leader Caroloine Lucas MP's advice, with the new Northern Forest of milions of trees an essential windbreak to hedge against Climate Change and desertification and evaporation of topsoil. Another Dustbowl whether in USA or Africa fills no cereal bowls or empty bellies whether with Nestle (Davos#2) snacks and food supplements or not.

POTUS Trump might well from his Swiss Summit rework the POTUS Coolidge phrase that what's good for the Davos15 is good for USA - and UK. A Trump Tower or two surely ideal for NEOM too.

Along with the MeijiKent adjuncts: Panasonic plasma screens for example already feature in many an NHL or baseball game. And with my Sincerity Advertising hat on, the technology a kick-start to the media industry -megagroups such as Martin Sorrell's WPP faltering - in wafer-thin billboards as London Underground and rail stations are upgraded.

But Ramsgate this week glittering under a film of snow, as well as the star quality of Valerie Leon, former Bond girl (count 'em not one but two Bond movies) and Carry On glamourpuss.

The opening of the Ramsgate Film and Television Festival now a regular feature of the Cannes of Kent. Ramsgate host to Oscar-winning stars such as Brenda Blethyn and Timothy Spall and the EKFOS - East Kent Film Office and Studio - development.

All fitting for Kent as the home of Ian Fleming's James Bond - the Royal St Georges course at Sandwich for example the basis of the Goldfinger golf match, and the host of the 2020 Masters. Montego Bay in Jamaica and Goldeneye a home for 007 too if you insist.

A Munro Doctrine (another British flm icon, Caroline not James Monroe) a UK strategic interest in developing film and television productions with the UK film consulates of Los Angeles and San Diego. The latter a key feature in the comic conventions that now showcase many new movie and television and computer game ideas beyond just another Marvel blockbuster.

Chief Constable Pughsley of Kent Police is possibly reviewing the possibility of Bobby Bear merchandise from Lincolnshire Police - a road safety cartoon? But balking at making a Thai or Kent orchid, or a Hello Kitty handkerchief, as part of the official Kent Police uniform. Maybe just some Isaan silk socks to ward off his bunions. And his ususal dab of Johnson and Johnson talcum powder.

Isaan silk surely must be a feature of stores from Macys to Selfridges and designers such as Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney. Even Adidas sports shirts. The Palmer Harding new shirting brand already showcasing in Thailand Fashion week.

Volvo (Davos#4)perhaps not so keen on a Toshiba microwave in its next car but Khun Kobkarn, Toshiba Thailand CEO (rice cookers surely a key part of any UK kitchen these days along with the kettle and microwave?) active on sports science work and electronic wearables.

The latter relevant for a car dashboard interface with Volvo for road safety warnings on sleepy drivers and buckling up? And sports science foods a key facet of Nestle's healthy eating brands. While new Tourism Minister Khun Weerasak emphasising upcycling hopefully not just recycling but a Cycling Festival given Nestle (Davos#2) Vittel Tour de France sponsorship.

And Nestle no doubt keen on Volvo drivers having a break for a Kitkat, or other snacks while Siemens (Davos#1) tech recharges their car. Their new East Yorkshire factory should be humming with innovative new STEM tech for cars and rail and wind turbines.

As well as Virginia and the Carolinas.

UK and USA tourism with India a boost for all three nations. And the Commonwealth an ideal format for UK and India to help boost Brand USA tourist numbers - Hyderabad for example.

While Deloitte (Davos#8) and HSBC (Davos#9) wouldn't want to be cooped up in a back room slaving over a hot Excel spreadsheet or business plan, and no doubt keen to focus on strategic sponsorships too.

Anheuser-Busch (Davos#10) busy ramping up its Diageo-style Drinkaware work along with its Prohibition zero alcohol Budweiser (or is that Budvar?) beer clamouring for space on supermarket shelves. It's amusement parks business long divested but Busch Gardens and Seaworld water parks across USA similar to the Paramount theme park project in Kent - with Dreamland in Margate a key facet of the Munro Doctrine for London and Kent film and television.

The Paramount project minutes from the M25 around London and Bluewater Europe's largest shopping mall - even an hour or two from EuroDisney in Paris - is drifting more than it should. Perhaps Warner Bros and a Harry Potter focus and the House of Mouse is more relevant for UK with Anheuser-Busch guidance.

The Budweiser/Budvar issue a Jarndyce and Jarndyce legal case worthy of Kent's Charles Dickens as well as rhe One Essex Court fraud of Glick QC etc.

While SAP (Davos#11) working with ABB (Davos#5) - even Microsoft and Amazon - given the failings of the Crapita NHS database (Siri, why has it taken so many years for just 70M NHS records to be developed, and the UK DNA rollout delayed?) and cyber security needs could overhaul many of the UK's Big IT projects.

Smartmeters for example for all 25M UK homes are another project dragging along for over a decade that should be rocket-propelled on skis with some Davos Trump effort by the likes of SAP.

The apres-ski glow of the Winter Olympics surely an opportunity for Nokia (Davos#13 below) and increased UK-Finland activity.

As would the Arsenal of Democracy a key UK strategic focus in Sports Diplomacy through the power of football (soccer if you must). The World Series of Baseball may stretch all the way from Yankee stadium to Yonkers, but Great British Football is the only global sport.

The Coca Cola of sports if you will.

Although cricket fans from India to Jamaica and Australia to Bahamas might disagree.

Surely American sports need more of an effort in UK and Europe too? Why shouldn't ice hockey or basketball capitalise on their already strong showing in UK and Europe?

But how foolish if UK dropped the ball on reinforcing Great British Football as a strategic industry - in ASEAN for example. The Premier League teams - spearheaded by Arsenal with its sterling work on womens football and community projects - and National Football Museum in Manchester for all the league teams, as crucial as Shakespeare or James Bond in promoting British culture.

Bayer (Davos#12), with its aspirin heritage, must be ripe not just for a slot in the Johnson and Johnson Resilience Box (tense, nervous headache at being snowed in?) but also AMR research that will render every drug useless.

All 130 UK universities are in need of a strategic focus on killers such as AMR and Cancer and Diabetes and Dementia, as well as plugging into every USA university given UK and USA universities make up almost all the main global research projects.

So, why not a Bayer School of AMR Research in every UK and USA university? The HSBC (Davos#9) and Deloitte (Davos#8) number-crunchers aren't immune to AMR and could surely print up some innovation funds and write-downs with the Royal Mint?

And East Kent has gained a shot in the arm this week with its first new Medical School through the combined efforts of both Canterbury universities and all three NHS hospitals. A medical cluster waiting to be jolted into life with Pfizer/Discovery park research, training and manufacturing.

Pfizer the first Kent Big Apple USA adjunct to the Davos15?

The UK moving ahead on its 100 year ageing strategy - centenarians quadrupling in the last 30 years and a 65% increase in the last decade and over 500k over 90's - relevant for Bayer too. While Leprosy and Rabies and TB along with NTD, in contrast to the detailed research of EU Rare Diseases, simply require a manufacturing boost rather than research.

Those empty Detroit or Birmingham factories retooled for vaccines with ABB (Davos#5) and SAP (Davos#11) know-how before dementia wipes away their knowledge? And with learnings from Nestle's new triple-zero factories in Brazil?

Nokia (Davos#13) a giant of the European telecoms market must be all the more relevant for Volvo and Statoil (oops, Equinor - Davos#6) driverless cars in Scandinavia and beyond.

Surely an ideal ScandiLink with East Kent given Vattenfall (the Swedish state electricity company) work on UK's largest windfarm.

While Discovery Park Science Park ensuring BT, the UK state telecoms firm, and GPO post office, the NTT of UK, are busy in making East Kent one of the most digitally connected regions in UK.

Perfect for wifi and telecoms projects as per Nokia's excellent Smart City work with Chattanooga already a 10Gig City - IT rather than music in that instance.

And surely a template for more than one UK Smart City?

Tom Dodd the quietly capable new UK Ambassador to Finland is no doubt helping dig Putin's Russia out of the snowdrift of the horrific series of UK assassinations, and bringing the Finland station online with UK-Nokia work.

With Nokia comprising 4% of Finnish GDP, 21% of exports and 70% of the Helsinki Stock Exchange, POTUS Trump might want to translate Coolidge's phrase into Finnish that what's good for Nokia is good for Finland.

Finland might well be best-placed, just over the water from Deputy Mayor Putin's St Petersburg, to fulfil its usual role and begin to bridge the gap between Russia and the West.

And surely Finland would also want to diversity beyond its reliance on Nokia (and Ikea and Carlsberg?). Kone elevators (already in Trump Tower?) and Suunto sports watches (Adidas sponsorships and the next Winter Olympics with UK as a Sporting Superpower?) ideal for expanded Scandinavian growth?

(To be continued: TrumpDavos#3)

Time for Change

Monday, 19 March 2018

Trump and 15 Davos Friends #1

Kent's Spring and tourism season off to a chilly start with a few days of snow and cold weather. But not quite as cold as Davos.

Perhaps though a foretaste of ingrained Climate Change with extended colder winters and hotter summers. Horrifyingly the Daily Mail citing 10,000 extra NHS deaths in just January and February - by way of context for that grim toll there are just 1,700 UK road deaths each year.

The bad weather all the more reason for greater UK Resilience efforts - the Johnson and Johnson Resilience Box a useful tool for every kitchen. And wider concerns over the National Grid and NHS database cyber attacks from the Salisbury spy poisonings - the UK with just 6 days of Winter gas supplies in reserve.

After the kerfuffle of UK and Russian embassy exchanges and Putin confirmed for another 6 years as Russian leader all the more reason eventually for a New Yalta on UK and EU and Russian relations, beyond merely NATO and KGB militarism.

Much as Morocco and its 2026 World Cup bid, is a fresh alternative to the rather too many moving parts bid of USA-Canada-Mexico, and could reframe UK and EU - if not the USA eastern seaboard from Maine to Miami on North and West Africa relations.

Sport proving its wider value in the United Korea teams at the Winter Olympics and in UK as a Sporting Superpower.

The Morocco bid not just effective in the transport links and reworking of stadium sites that proved vital in the success of London 2012 (surely with China 2008 the template for Olympics success?) but also the timezone factor for global television, radio and internet audiences.

Surely the Olympics and World Cup mega sports events requiring greater long-term planning for their success as the hosts rotate through the continents. I've written previously on the potential for Thailand and ASEAN for the 2030 decade World Cup and Olympics bids. Argentina already warming up on the touchline for the 2030 World Cup bid.

The first African hispeed rail already underway in Morocco would be completed by 2026, even all the way through to exisitng links in the port cities of Nouakchott in Mauritania and Dakar in Senegal.

Dakar, Africa's western-most port for the Americas, is crucial for West African trade and development of UNSDG30 through the resurgent economies of Sierra Leone and Liberia and Cote d'Ivoire to the mega-cities of Nigeria.

While a Gibraltar bridge would further integrate the EU economies with North and West Africa, much as the Channel Tunnel has done here in Kent. Trade from Manchester to Moscow to Marrakesh would be expedited as are the Cape to Cairo connections that deliver on the OBOR, China's new silk route.

Lord Bridges, is a keen fan of bridges, much as Asia and the Atlantic need metaphorical bridges, as in the David Cameron and George Osborne regime previously with new China funds, and AIIB and BlackRock.

Both Messrs Cameron and Osborne are welcome in Kent for their efforts previously in saving the Pfizer/Discovery park site here in East Kent, the largest USA inward investment in Europe dating back to the Marshall Plan, and the crunchy need for TB vaccine production in post-war Europe, rather than the subsequent Viagra production that once stiffened the sinews of a now rather limp Kent economy.

A wider rather than deeper EU encompassing Russia and the Mediterranean nations is surely the future of a United States of Europe. Much as the United States of America provides a federal overlay on state autonomy. An EU budget notionally doubled to 1% of European GDP is surely more bureaucratic bloat and national duplication than it's worth given Brexit concerns.

The silliness of Brexit now unravelling by the day with realistic fears of 30 mile HGV tailbacks from Dover, Kent and Europe's largest port requiring the Transport Minister to confirm there would be no extra border checks.

Simply confirming a transition [period until 2012 is hardly a breakthrough but rather very expensive politicians and civil servants achieving not very much since 2016.

While the Northern Ireland and Eire border of any Brexit descends into a fantasy of some unknown AI technology of the future. The Brexit aftershocks potentially reverberating through the Eire economy - Port Rosslare in County Wexford, Eire's Dover if you will, a key strategic interest in expanding trade through Dublin and Belfast.

Perhaps St Patrick's Day is an opportunity for leprechauns to staff the border. Cheaper too, requiring no more than a bowl of Lucky Charms and a splash of milk.

Leprechauns aside though - and the Irish tourism and foreign ministries understandably proud of the global event that it has become along with 61 extra Irish businesses in USA last year - POTUS Trump can set aside his tartan and Tam O'Shanter to wear his shamrock with pride as both the White House fountain and Chicago river turn green.

And surely it's not unreasonable for the Trump Davos 15 Friends from his Swiss Summit to tee off their activity in Europe and USA. A Davos Cup if you will.

First off the mark are Siemens, as detailed previously, with a new East Yorkshire rail factory and 700 UK jobs surely well-positioned for HS3 work to upgrade links across UK from Liverpool, Ireland's and USA's nearest UK port, with Hull, just completing its superb City of Culture work, as UK's nearest port for Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Leaving Ramsgate and Dover to one side for the moment.

And Siemens no doubt a front-runner for HS2 instigated by the David Cameron regime with the London Underground and Crossrail (One and Two) tweaks that are Europe's largest construction projects.

And vital for the HS1 rail connectivity here in Kent (Siemens previously active with Vattenfall here in Ramsgate for the London Array the largest wind farm in the world) with Hitachi and Eurostar - the new Amsterdam rail route open this month.

That London-Amsterdam inital route a concern in return journey delays merely due to a lack of carriages. While East Kent could easily benefit from NHS coordination with the new and empty Calais hospital (some of those 10,000 early deaths might have been prevented with a bit of French healthcare) and commuter routes to Northern France and Benelux.

Siemens (Davos#1) no doubt would balk at doing everything - but with shades of the Six Companies - there is surely no obstacle that the Trump Davos 15 Friends can't overcome together whether by formal or informal joint ventures?

Nestle (Davos#2) and Adidas (Davos#3) might well focus more on sponsorships, whether the Morocco 2026 bid, or the new David Beckham Miami soccer team. Surely a hole in one there for POTUS Trump's Florida winter home in deepening UK links and developing a rundown area of Miami?

Victoria Beckham's fashion work and USA expansion, surely a UK strategic interest as part of its fashion portfolio. Adidas a fashion brand as much as a sports brand.

While Nestle increases in chocolate raisins or peanuts would not just fuel a soccer or NFL game but also the West African cocoa and North Carolina peanut economies. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina active on this month's USA trade mission to UK and a keen advocate of peanuts the official state snack.

As an aside, the boom in healthy eating and anti-obesity work from Yale reports on the benefits of legumes and tree nuts surely not reflected yet in market growth and reduced prices. Walmart Asda urging supplies of tree nuts surely a boon for farmers in sunset industries such as tobacco.

Cote D'Ivoire a Nestle and FairTrade strategic interest as much as Nestle is a Cote D'Ivoire strategic interest. Those ports and railheads at Dakar and Nouakchott again for the supermarkets and consumers of Europe and USA.

But if POTUS Trump is active in the rust belt industries and towns of West Virginia and Detroit, American trade tariffs such as steel, are a blunt weapon to boost the American economy.

New investment already in Motor City by Ford surely can't be hindered by Volvo growth (Davos #4), the 2018 car of the year in the XC40 SUV, and with my Sincerity Advertising hat on some rather excellent advertising. Much as Ford in UK is boosting Dagenham and Barking with the new 3 litre engine - an Essex Engine to rival the Midlands Engine given the OBOR links into Margaret Hodge MP's constituency?

Beyond the spark of new factories and AI and Robotics relevant to both Siemens and ABB (Davos #5), perhaps the most vital part of the transport industry is the supply chain of spare parts and logistics connections. Howell in Michigan an outpost of the Thai Summit Group, also active in India, and one of the founders of the new Future Forward political party in Thailand as that nation returns to full democracy guided by Uncle Tu's FDR fireside chats.

Auto parts as crucial to Thailand (and UK and USA) as is Tourism. Those 2030 World Cups and Olympics again. Along with the Just In Time supply chain management crucial to global business that Brexit is foundering upon. And certainly DHL Thailand no doubt learning lessons in how not to do it from DHL UK and the KFC fiasco of chicken shops without chicken - a variant on a pub without beer or coffee shop without coffee. The latter a concern for Nestle brands beyond just Nescafe.

The good folks of Bidvest Logistics plucking KFC from further disaster in taking back the KFC contract - let's hope they charge double.

And if logistics oils the wheels of industry then so does oil, for the moment, with Statoil (Davos #6) rebranding as Equinor to postion itself much as BP has gone Beyond Petroleum for a renewables world. And Morocco and Gibraltar railways and bridges aside, both Algeria and post-conflict Libya must be a shoo-in for solar panel growth.

Even refloating the Desertec mega-project alongside Prince MBS's Neom City-State that if not necessarily making the desert bloom would power all of Europe and Africa and Arabia.

As an aside, Equinor celebrated as something of a rebranding success in the Daily Telegraph last week, compared to Phillips, a great Dutch brand in electronics and healthcare now rebranding as Signify for its lighting division. Huh? Why? That's a lot of advertising money to rework that brand.

And a delay in casting light on the DNA Bathroom Mirror?

With the isolation of the P53 gene at the root of many of the 200 cancers the DNA Bathroom Mirror becomes a household doctor - and no doubt as ubiquitous in every house as an electronic toothbrush or front door. One for Siemens again - or perhaps Panasonic?

Surely it wouldn't be so outrageous to have a Japanese adjunct to the European and American flavour of the Trump Davos 15 Friends? Whether the Meiji Kent thrust of the afore-mentioned Hitachi in Kent, or Panasonic or Toshiba in Thailand or Mitsubishi. Nissan and Toyota and Honda already key ingredients of the UK Northern Powerhouse with the Sunderland factoryone of the largest manufacturing sites in Europe.

France's Total Oil (Davos #7) may have some way to go beyond the US Conference of Mayors or National Association of Governors to overcome the USA war crimes listing for its Myanmar pipelines and switching to solar.

(To be continued - from Davos#7 to #15)

Time for Change